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Hi there!


I have created this Living Wholistically space to reach out and connect with women seeking a village.

A village of women who are on the same journey to understanding their bodies needs and cultivating the health they know they deserve.

A village of women who want to understand every foundation of health in a holistic way - physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

A village of women who support each other through the highs, the lows and the in betweens. 

Join my Living Wholistically Village and find your way to living your most authentic and healthiest life.


As a mother of three boisterous kids, on our beautiful hobby farm, I know what it’s like. Juggling my role as wife, mum, naturopath, business owner and farm girl, I have personally faced the challenges of chronic health issues, imposter syndrome, self-doubt and overwhelm. As I discovered the power of natural healing, self care, and emotional clearing work, I was able to uncover my authentic self, my healthiest and happiest self, plus give even more support and love to those around me.

I knew this was a gift I wanted to share with other women just like you.

So pour yourself a warm drink, snuggle on the lounge and let’s get to know each other!

Nice to meet you, I'm Zoe.


Long story short, I am a teacher.

I have always loved teaching and I am a passionate advocate of life-long learning. 

I have learnt a lot about health through 'official' schools, not so official schools, a hell of a lot of my own research and of course some good old fashioned trial and error. I would love to use what I have learned to teach you what you need to know about your own health and empower you to heal yourself.

I spend my days on my farm, enjoying time with my family, and supporting other women and mothers on their own journey to health and healing.

I do this by offering 1:1 online ERT sessions and online programs, in which I use a blend of naturopathy, nutrition and Emotion Release Technique (ERT) to help women understand the language of their bodies and clear stuck emotions to find their authentic selves and live their happiest and healthiest lives too.

Want to read the long story?

Tell me the long story

Why Work with Me?

I have an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, I am a Certified Emotion Release Technique (ERT) Practitioner and I have over 5 years’ experience working with clients, helping them understand the language of their body.
I empower my clients to heal themselves, and their families by learning natural healing techniques, with a huge focus on traditional healing and living life in alignment with nature and ancestral living.


I believe it is my responsibility to create and hold a safe space for you to be vulnerable, and provide support and accountability to facilitate your personal growth and understanding of health, as it relates to your individual situation and life experiences. I value honesty and curiosity and believe it is my responsibility to always listen to you with an open mind and heart, to ensure I understand your journey as fully as I can. Whilst at the same time, deepening my learning and understanding, to facilitate my own growth as a practitioner as well. I am committed to walking my talk and practice everything that I teach daily, to maintain my own (and my families) optimal health and happiness. I will only teach you tried and proven techniques and strategies that I use myself, to absolutely thrive in this life. 



What I Expect from You

When deciding to work with me I believe you have the responsibility to be committed to the process of the Emotion Release Technique sessions and any mindset or physical healing strategies recommended by me. You will only get out what you put in and the more you can be vulnerable and lean in to the experience of each session, the more you will be able to heal. I am here to guide you, not do the work for you. 

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The Long Story 


For as long as I can remember I have been a teacher. From 'teaching' (read: bossing) my little sister and cousin around in our tree top school, to actually becoming an early childhood teacher in primary school . I have also been interested in natural products and helping the environment since my late teenage years. My mum likes to remind me of the hassle I was in the supermarket telling her, "NO! you can't buy that it has palm oil in it, you will kill the orangutans!" as a teenager. Yet, my passion has always been food. As I have delved deeper into natural living, I have migrated more and more to a traditional, wholefoods way of eating. Eating with the seasons, no processing, just real, natural, whole food. 

After having my son in 2014, I couldn't see myself going back to teaching primary school. So, with the support of my wonderful husband Cam, I decided to join together my passions of teaching, natural living and nutritious food by studying Naturopathy.

After a few years of supporting clients with dietary and lifestyle education and changes, I really started learning more about trauma, emotional health and how all of this affects us physically. Until, in 2020, I trained in Emotion Release Technique (ERT). This is an amazing clinical process that allows me to assess my clients nervous system for stuck emotions, and clear them out then and there, leaving my clients feeling lighter and happier, as well as clearing up physical symptoms! I love using ERT to help my clients release the emotional blocks that are sabotaging their health journey. I actually first came across this tool in it's original form of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). My amazing NET practitioner helped me overcome the emotional blocks I had after the birth of my first son, allowing me to finally clear that trauma and feel ready to fall pregnant again (hello second baby 9 months later, haha). It was a technique I wanted to put in to my naturopathic practice ever since. Thankfully, I found the naturopathic version in ERT and since training in this technique, it has become the most valuable tool I use with my clients to get results.


My aim to is to empower my clients with individualised knowledge and understanding of their unique health; their concerns, abilities and mindset. I want my clients to leave me feeling like they are in control of their own health journey; I am a guide, not a dictator. I believe in working on multiple levels of health - mind, body and spirit, with my healing philosophy being on food and thought first (rather than supplements and other protocols). This is why I called my business Living Wholistically - holistic health is the key to life long health. 

These days I am a slow living, relaxed, home-schooling mum of 3. I love hanging out on my farm, milking my cows, reading books and treating myself at cafes. Hubby and I are a great team and we relish the country life we have created together, far different to the busy city life we had before. 

Living Wholistically (both the action and my business) is my passion and ​I look forward to sharing my knowledge and guiding you on your healing journey. Join my Village and start living your most authentic and healthiest life. 


Zoe Boyce

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Certified Emotion Release Technique (ERT) Practitioner

Association: SNTR-A1275 ZB/20

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