Welcome to my first blog post :D I am planning on releasing one a week, starting with a series on the cause of disease. I hope you enjoy and learn some new things to help you on your road to health.


The underlying cause of disease is inflammation. It’s what causes the inflammation and how the inflammation affects our body’s cells and organs that is different person to person.

Inflammation is a part of the immune system, it plays a useful role helping the body heal after an injury, however when inflammation goes on long term (becomes chronic) it can damage organs and blood vessels. It is this damage that leads to the chronic diseases that we see manifest in our day to day lives.

Obvious signs of inflammation after an injury (swollen joints, red hot skin, pain etc.) are a large inflammatory response to an acute situation. This is the beneficial inflammation that protects and heals injuries. It is the cellular level inflammation that is occurring that become an issue. It is happening without us realising it. Chronic inflammation goes unnoticed as many of us shrug off the small signs and symptoms. Aches and pains that come and go (‘oh I just over did it today’), can’t remember things as well (‘oh I am just getting older’ or ‘it’s baby brain’), can’t concentrate as well, sore stomach, headaches, eyesight degrading, skin issues, cycle issues, on and on….. Until the damage from the inflammation is so great we think hhhmm maybe I should see a Dr. Often the Dr will run some tests and say don’t worry everything is fine, even though you really know it’s not fine. Then a few months or years later you get some more tests done and your Dr says oh yes your thyroid levels are off, your blood sugar is out, your liver markers are high, you have high cholesterol or blood pressure etc. etc. This is because the inflammation has been going on in your cells, causing the damage, it’s not until major damage has been done to your organs that it shows on the blood tests. It is important to stop this inflammation before the damage occurs, ensure you are living your life in a way that allows your body to be strong and healthy and at times use various natural remedies and treatments to help support your body to heal.

Next post we will look at the causes of inflammation and how we can eliminate or reduce them in our lives.