Naturopathic Consults

I focus on my client as an individual and approach each case wholistically, utilising a variety of therapies, across the mind, body, emotional and spiritual realms. I aim to guide you through these treatment options to enhance your vitality and allow your body and spirit to come in to balance. I focus on identifying and addressing past and current stressors, modifying diet and educating you on how to achieve optimal health.

I can work with you for:

- general health (preventative medicine)

- acute sickness (colds, flus, infections)

- chronic health conditions (auto-immune etc.)

My special interest areas in helping people include:

- fertility, preconception care, pregnancy, birth and post-partum support

- early years; helping navigate the health challenges of infants, toddlers and children including digestive issues, food intolerances, fussy eaters, poor immunity, eczema and skin conditions, anxiety, sleeping issues, and bed wetting

- support in transitioning off hormonal birth control

- support with menopause

- creating personalised dietary advice to support healthy weight
- individualising natural sleep strategies for insomnia and sleep maintenance


but really I just love helping anyone realise their bodies potential to be healthy! 


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