Naturopathic Emotional Release (NER)

NER is a holistic method of psycho-emotional therapy that allows me to help my clients process and release emotional blocks and stress-related issues.

Naturopathic Emotional Release (NER) is a tool to help identify and integrate underlying emotional blocks. These underlying emotions can contribute to disharmony in the body leading to symptoms or undesirable patterns or behaviours in the subconscious.  

The method is based on the findings that neuropeptides are released during times of stress, and can attach to receptors on the neurons and cells of tissues throughout the body.  This mind and body connection explains why stored emotions may contribute to pain, illness and disease, and how clearing those emotional energies could provide potential benefits. 

NER combines touch, muscle response and subconscious memory recall to help clients of all ages tap into and release these emotions. 

Who is Naturopathic Emotional Release™ suitable for?  

Naturopathic Emotional Release™ is designed to be used with all clients,

regardless of age or gender.  Any client who is experiencing any type of

stress, trauma or any chronic issue in the body, can benefit from an NER

session as a lot of the time there is an emotional driver to their condition.

NER can be used as a tool to address self-sabotaging behaviours and can

help create behavioural change with ease helping you achieve your goals


Some of the conditions indicated for use of this therapy include:  


Anxiety                                       Bed wetting                                Chronic conditions                      Constipation                              Digestive disorders                   Eating disorders                         Emotional issues                       Fears                                            Fertility challenges                                    Food aversions                          Headaches                                  Hormonal imbalance                                 IBS                                               Mental health issues                  Night terrors                                         Organ dysfunction                   Pain                                              Phobias

PMS                                            Self sabotaging behaviour         Sleep issues

Stress                                          Trauma and grief                        Weight loss


Many times we find ourselves self sabotaging our efforts to become healthy. We make excuses for 'cheat days', lack of will power, blame circumstances that are 'out of our control' for why we didn't eat well, didn't take our supplements or why we just can't do whatever it is we should be doing. Often it is not the external factors or lack of self control, it is the emotional blocks in our subconscious that affect our conscious efforts. Remove these blocks and align your subconscious emotions with your conscious goals. 

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