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Why the Emotion Release Technique (ERT) helps you thrive...

There are many signs that something isn’t quite right: 

Struggling to do things you know you should

❖ Making self-sabotaging decisions

❖ Minor situations cause overreactions or overwhelm

❖ Unmotivated and easily distracted

❖ Health problems that don’t go away

All of these are common signs that something isn’t quite right. But they’re difficult to understand and explain because the deepest part of yourself speaks a different language to your conscious and rational mind.

That’s where ERT comes in.

ERT is the interpreter that communicates with your nervous system and subconscious mind. It brings deep-rooted emotional problems to the surface and releases them, giving you the freedom to thrive.

How does ERT work?

Emotions build up and become stuck for many reasons. They’re like safety blankets we wrap around our heart and soul to protect the precious parts of ourselves.

However, these layers eventually stifle us, drag us down and obscure our true vision.
Each time a layer is removed is a step closer to freeing yourself from the constricting beliefs and emotions of these 'blankets'.

ERT is a technique that allows me to assess your nervous system. It uses a blend of touch, muscle response and subconscious recall to communicate with your inner self in a way the conscious mind cannot.

It’s based on the connection between mind and body. Research has shown that times of emotional stress trigger the release of neuropeptides. These can attach to receptors on the neurons and cells of tissues throughout the body.

Whenever we experience those emotional stressors again, the body acts to prevent it. This can manifest in anxiety, self-sabotaging behaviours, pain and illness.

Clearing out these emotional blockers through ERT enables your body’s natural processes to flow properly and live a more fulfilled and authentic life.

What are the possible outcomes with ERT?

Heart with healing icon

Emotional Healing

  • A safe, non-intrusive way to deal with trauma
  • Experience a sense of relief and emotional freedom
  • Feel resilient and able to cope with life’s challenges
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Stress Reduction

  • Ease physical symptoms of chronic stress and tension
  • Promotes relaxation and self-care
  • Feel unrushed and like you have more time
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Healthier Relationships

  • Improved communication, become a better listener
  • Deeper connections, greater empathy and openness
  • More time and patience for others
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Enhanced Self-Awareness

  • Feel motivated and focussed to get things done
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Remain calm under pressure
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Physical Well-Being

  • Alleviates physical symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome and constipation
  • Supports your body's natural healing processes and hormonal balance
  • Better choices around food and exercise, supporting weight loss




1:1 ERT Support

Reprogramming your nervous system and gaining emotional freedom through ERT and mindset coaching tailored to your needs.

Wellness for women with 1:1 ERT sessions from Zoe Boyce

1:1 ERT Session

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Naturopath Zoe enhancing her client's health and wellness with a 1:1 ERT package

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Group ERT

If you prefer the support and vibe of a community, this is for you.

Zoe Boyce hosting a women's wellness program with ERT on a set topic

Upgrade Your Life Experience

Four weeks of ERT on a set topic

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Naturopath Zoe Boyce helping women with wellness through custom weekly ERT sessions

Upgrade Your Life Membership

Weekly ERT sessions tailored to your needs

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