Creating Effective Boundaries

boundaries emotional healing emotional health natural healing Feb 21, 2024

Boundaries is a topic that kept coming up for me in the last few years of my personal healing. It was one of those things that the Universe kept shoving in my face (I would get triggered by something and a friend would mention boundaries, then a podcast would pop up about boundaries and so on and so on). It was frustrating as the resources that came in to my life never fully answered the question of what boundaries actually are or how I could actually make and keep them. I never had that ah ha moment of understanding. 


Until now.... 


Of course, the Universe always gives you prompts towards the things that you need to learn, but if you're not ready then you will not learn it. Everything has finally dropped in to place for me to understand boundaries now! Hopefully this blog is landing on your screen at a time where you are ready for the ah ha moment in your understanding of boundaries too. 


Boundaries play a crucial role in establishing healthy relationships, managing stress, and preserving your mental and emotional health. They are the guidelines you set for yourself and communicate to others about what is acceptable and what is not. By setting and maintaining boundaries, you create a safe and supportive environment that promotes your personal growth and happiness. 


The missing part of understanding boundaries for me was two fold:
1) I didn't understand that I already had boundaries in place! Yes the rules and ideals I set for myself around everyday values (like eating organic food), is a boundary I made for myself. I was already doing the thing!  

2) I couldn't wrap my head around making boundaries and then communicating them to the people around me. Did I need to make a list and hand it out to those I loved so they would know how to 'respect my boundaries'? That seemed a little over the top. (Yes, please laugh now, I can take it :P) 


Honestly, sometimes we have the most ridiculous thoughts around new info we learn and we can only laugh at ourselves as we learn more.  


So, I finally had my ah ha moment, when I realised that I was already making boundaries (win!), and that I was already communicating them (no thanks, to the fake food). The hard part seemed done! Now I just had to consciously create my boundaries and align them with my values so that they were authentic to me and I could uphold them effortlessly because they were meaningful.  


Say what?! Yup, there was a whole lot to learn about boundaries, and I learnt it all! 


Now, I could write email upon email about it or even a whole book.... Hang on.... haha yup you guessed it, I did write a book!  


To help you navigate this entire topic further, I am excited to introduce my comprehensive eBook guide, "Boundaries: The Guidebook". This guide is designed to provide you with everything you need to know about boundaries, making them, and keeping them intact, including finding your values and some strategies for when people aren't respecting your boundaries (see why I wrote a book!). 


In this eBook, you will discover: 

1. The importance of boundaries in maintaining healthy relationships and self-care. 

2. Effective communication techniques to express your boundaries assertively and respectfully. 

3. Tips for overcoming guilt and setting boundaries without feeling selfish. 

4. Practical exercises to help you identify your values and consciously create your boundaries. 

5. How to navigate boundary challenges and handle situations where others may push against your limits. 


If you would love to get your hands on a copy of the eBook, click here.

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