I’m Zoe, a Naturopath and Emotion Release Technique (ERT) Practitioner. I’m here to help you understand the language of your body to live the most authentic and healthy version of yourself.

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Emotion Release Technique™ or ERT is a tool to help identify and process underlying emotional drivers that affect your health.

These underlying emotions can contribute to disharmony in the body leading to symptoms or undesirable patterns or behaviours.

By seeing me for an ERT session you will reprogram your nervous system so that your physical actions and conscious thoughts will be in alignment with your unconscious thought patterns.

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My signature online natural healing program for women will teach you how to create life long health using foundational health strategies and emotional healing.


I’ve been a Naturopath for over 5 years, but it wasn’t until I fully understood the importance of holistic health and how deeply our emotions impact every facet of our lives, that I really began to heal myself, and my clients. Now I am sharing all of my foundational, natural healing strategies, including emotional release and mindset, in my online wellness program for women - Nourishment Gateway. 

This is my healing gateway for you to walk through to gain understanding of the language of your body, leading to holistic health, for life. 

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"I have really enjoyed learning from the course content. Your information is easy to understand and the homework tasks are so acheivable and satisfying.
The live call was so comfortable yet informing! You are amazing and I have actually learnt so much. I am so glad I decided to join The Nourishment Gateway"


Amber Tom

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