Nourishment Gateway - Comprehensive Support for Women’s Wellness

  • Bitesize online resources - 24/7 access for 12 months
  • Fortnightly group coaching sessions aligned with the resources
  • 1:1 Emotion Release Technique sessions
  • Active, supportive online community
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No more looking for solutions outside yourself

Why step through the

Nourishment Gateway?

The fact that you’re here means you understand health better than most. You know that applying band-aids to deep internal wounds is not enough. You understand that peeling back the emotional layers that have built up over a lifetime is a long-term process. But it’s the only way to lasting wellness.

Nourishment Gateway is a journey of inner rediscovery that leads to you feeling whole and living the life you desire. It opens the gateways between physical, mental and emotional health, so that you can learn the language of your body and heal holistically. 

I understand that the life you wish for yourself and loved ones may seem distant right now. This happens when we’re in pain. But Nourishment Gateway is a gradual, cumulative transformation, tailored to your needs and supporting you in every way.

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What’s possible for you…

  • After just two months, you could be sleeping better.
  • After six months, you could be repairing the bonds with your family.
  • After twelve months, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to achieve lifelong wellness.

I’ve gained extensive knowledge from over a decade of my own health journey, supporting others in building a healthy lifestyle, gaining an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and becoming a Certified Emotion Release Technique Practitioner. And I’ve boiled it all down into this women’s empowerment programme.

“You learn about yourself and your own body and ways that work for you. It is not a one size fits all, it is a personalised experience for everyone and gives you the best of you. Highly recommend, well worth the money." - Emily, previous client

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Is Nourishment Gateway for me?


Nourishment Gateway helps women in many situations...

  • You feel you are resilient, yet you’re often anxious and overwhelmed 
  • You constantly lack energy, yet sleep doesn’t come easily
  • You spend your life supporting others, yet relationships are strained
  • You try to look after your body, yet health problems never go away
  • You feel like you’re stuck in a rut

You may feel like you’re trudging a difficult road with no end. But Nourishment Gateway is the alternative path that empowers you to break free from those cycles. 

The programme is a unique blend of online learning, group coaching, and tailored 1:1 sessions. It requires you to take ownership of your health, but supports you in every way. 

If you’re prepared to take charge of your health, look at yourself in new ways and engage in a process of improvement, then you are ready to step through the Nourishment Gateway…

How does Nourishment Gateway Support your Journey to Wellness?

This is not one of those programmes where you’re given a bunch of resources and left to figure it out alone. It’s holistic support every step of the way.

These different strands of support give Nourishment Gateway the flexibility to adapt to your needs and ensure you get a healing experience that’s tailored to you.



Nourishment Gateway Client Case Study

The Client

Nicole joined Nourishment Gateway for the 2023 round, after she had found herself in a constant cycle of reaching for vitality only to experience setback after setback, leaving her feeling defeated and confused. Despite a decade of working with naturopaths and gaining knowledge, she struggled with persistent fatigue, niggling health issues, lack of mental clarity, and a constant feeling of overwhelm.

When hearing about Emotion Release Technique and Nourishment Gateway for the first time, Nicole felt ready to explore the missing pieces of her health journey. She was prepared to be raw and honest in her pursuit of a deeper understanding of herself.

Nicole, a satisfied naturopathy client

How I Helped

Engaging in both the 1:1 and group Emotion Release Technique (ERT) sessions proved to be a transformative experience for Nicole. Each session brought new insights, leaving her feeling lighter and clearer. ERT not only addressed challenges but sometimes eliminated them effortlessly.

The Impact

Post-ERT, she experienced renewed energy, improved mental and emotional centredness, better sleep, and a fading of physical symptoms.

In Her Words

“Zoe is a wonderful teacher and giver of knowledge generously sharing information and empowering me through this journey. The content in this program is what has been missing for me.  I am learning so much more about my body and mind that I haven't learnt before. Zoe is professional, warm and caring and has created an environment which feels safe and supportive to really lean in and learn. I encourage anyone on the fence to take the plunge."

Take charge of your health
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How does the Nourishment Gateway work?

Nourishment Gateway is a four-step transformation. If you’ve taken the
Ready to Heal introductory course, you’ll already be primed to hit the ground running.

We’ll start with an introduction to show you how everything works, where to find stuff and how to stay in touch. Then, we get things moving. The programme is ordered, but flexible enough to allow you to progress at your own pace should you need more time in certain areas.

Step 1 - Observe

The first and most crucial step is to reconnect with your body and learn its language. Taking time to do this stage properly ensures the habits and strategies you develop later are the right ones for your needs.

Our bodies are designed to signpost when something isn’t right. Learning how to spot these signposts means you’re better prepared to address problems before they spiral out of control.

Step 2 - Review

Once you understand your body and what it’s telling you, we look at how this is connected to all the different elements of our health. 

This phase teaches how the body works and assesses your current health status, including gut health, nervous system health and stress levels.

Step 3 - Repair

The stage when the most profound transformations happen. Here, you lay the practical foundations for health that will not just last until you complete the course, but for years to come.

Step 4 - Reflect

This phase is about recognising the differences between your life now and your life when you started the course. 

Reflecting on that transformation gives you the motivation to continue the habits and strategies you’ve developed over the last twelve months. To ensure you never go back to the way things were before.

What you celebrate the most in this phase depends on the biggest changes you have made...

  • Will you be looking forward to waking up in the morning free from pain because you’ve resolved underlying emotional issues?
  • Will you be celebrating a more loving and secure relationship with your family because you now have the time, energy and clarity to connect with them?
  • Will you be making plans for your dream vacation because you’ve been able to achieve success at work?

"Every day is a good day now, I feel way less overwhelmed and stressed."

Take charge of your health

Nourishment Gateway opens soon…

You’re invited to join the next programme, which begins in April. Secure your spot now, take charge of your health and bring a future free from pain, anxiety and overwhelm within sight.

Sprout package

$300p/m for 12 months

OR $3333 One Time Payment

  • On-demand bitesize resources to give you knowledge and tools to heal
  • Live Group Coaching sessions every fortnight that guide you in taking transformative action
  • Village Gatepost community that offers constant support, connection and advice
  • 4 x 1:1 sessions tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s ERT, nutritional advice or emotional support.
*Please note, monthly payments are a 12-month commitment, not a subscription
Let's do a payment plan!
Let's do a one time payment!

Blossom package

$333p/m for 12 months

OR $3888 One Time Payment

  • Everything in the Sprout package
  • 2x monthly group ERT sessions providing constant emotional release and communal support throughout the course
  • Save $400+ on all those ERT sessions when booked as part of the Blossom package
  • 3 spaces remaining (6 total)
*Please note, monthly payments are a 12-month commitment, not a subscription
Let's do a payment plan!
Let's do a one time payment!

Your guide through the Nourishment Gateway…

Hey, I’m Zoe, the naturopathy practitioner who’s here to help you take charge of your health and live the life you desire.

Ten years ago, I was struggling with health problems and couldn’t face returning to my stressful job following the birth of my first child. Now, I’m a relaxed mum of three living an idyllic country life, helping other women on their journeys.

How did I go from a place of pain to thriving in a life I always dreamed of? 

The same lifestyle changes, mental strategies and spiritual practices you’ll find in Nourishment Gateway.  Ten years of learning, researching, trialling and developing ways to lead a wholesome and rich life, boiled down into an accessible, flexible and supportive 12-month programme. 

Zoe Boyce specializes in mental health care for women


The best time to take charge of your health is right now

The next Nourishment Gateway begins in April, after which it will close for another year.

Grab one of the remaining spots by hitting the button below.

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