Understanding Emotions: The Language of Inner Wisdom

Mar 27, 2024

Emotions are a conscious mental reaction subjectively experienced as a strong feeling,  and accompanied by physical and behavioural changes in the body.


Say what?!


Emotions are messengers. 


They are inner wisdom within us. They manifest physically and provide us with vital information about what we’re experiencing and what actions we need to take.


Whereas feelings are our subjective expression of our emotions. They are the conscious experience of your emotions.


You can also see emotions as Energy in Motion = E-Motion. When you experience a strong emotion you may often have the urge to physically move your body.


Depending on the experience and emotional type, you will want to move your body in different ways.

Anger and rage may see you wanting to hit, kick, punch, scream and yell.

Sadness, grief and sorrow may see you crying, sobbing, rocking or swaying.

When you are shocked, surprised or startled you may shake, or jump around or want to run.


There are many many ways your body can move and process the energy that comes with your emotions.


Unfortunately, in our modern age social norms have led to the shutting down of many of these vital mechanisms of re-action and lead to you not processing your emotions properly. These unprocessed emotions get stuck in your body and can manifest as physical and mental disease (dis-ease = not at ease in your body).


You need to understand that there is no such thing as bad or good emotions.


Whilst being outwardly emotional is typically portrayed as the opposite of reason and rationality, emotions are actually fundamental to your ability to function. They motivate you to act, are essential to social interactions, and form the basis of your morality.


So why can’t you control your emotions? 

Would you blame the 5-year-old you for the event that’s happened to them? Even though you may think you have left your younger self in the past, that is not true. You carry all versions of yourself with you, like nesting dolls, every moment and age that you’ve been. When you are subconsciously triggered because of a stuck emotion from your past, it is the child version of you that is coming out and acting. Part of releasing stuck emotions is reparenting your younger self to be able to let them go and release the pain they are bringing forward in to your adult life.


ERT processes the emotions stuck in your nervous system to release that childhood pain and trauma. Why not book a session with me today for your own emotional release? 

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