Embracing Pleasure: Finding Joy in the Mundane

Mar 13, 2024
Happy washing the dishes

Today, I am sharing some of my latest insights on finding pleasure in daily activities, even in the most mundane tasks.


Pleasure is not just a fleeting moment of happiness; it is a powerful tool that can enhance your overall well-being and transform your perspective on life. By consciously seeking pleasure in your everyday activities, you can cultivate a sense of joy that permeates every aspect of your life.


Here are a few ways you can infuse pleasure into your daily routine:


  1. Mindfulness: Practice being fully present in the moment, whether you're washing dishes, taking a walk, or enjoying a cup of tea. Engage your senses and savour the small details that often go unnoticed. By immersing yourself in the present, you'll discover hidden moments of pleasure. Now I am giving you permission for this to look however it looks for you. The other day I was irritated that my daughter wanted to be pushed on the swings again, when I had other things to do. I gave in, went to the swings and pushed her. Now I have always hated to idea of finding pleasure in the boring tasks, washing dishes isn't fun guys ok! Jeeze. But what I realised in that moment of swinging is that I didn't hate the act of trying to find something pleasurable in the mundane, it was I was trying to find pleasure the way someone else had told me to. Guilty mum moment here but it's truth and I know it will help you. I didn't find pleasure in spending time with my daughter or seeing her smile and be happy. Tbh I could have cared less for her happiness right than as she's been extremely needy lately, and my mother tolerance was full. No what I was actually able to tap in to was completely ignoring my daughter and pretending I was standing there, barefoot on the grass, face to the sun and breathing in the air, totally alone. It was so peaceful and pleasurable because I had let go of all expectations of taking pleasure in the actions I was doing and found pleasure where I wanted it. Mindfulness in your present is an amazing way to find pleasure in the mundane, just make sure you find it where you want it, not where you think you should. 


  1. Gratitude: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the simple pleasures in life. Take a few moments each day to reflect on the things that bring you joy, whether it's a beautiful sunset, a kind gesture from a loved one, or a delicious meal. Expressing gratitude amplifies the pleasure you experience. Writing a couple of nice things down each day or week and popping them in your journal or in a jar to read over when the jar is full, can be a nice reminder of the lovely experiences you've had. It gives your nervous system evidence that life is nice. 


  1. Create a Pleasurable Environment: Following on from my email about Spring decluttering and cleaning; enhance your surroundings to make the mundane tasks more enjoyable. Play your favourite music, light a scented candle, or decorate your workspace with inspiring images. By creating a pleasant atmosphere, you can transform the mundane into a more pleasurable experience. Consciously create you dream environment to mirror your internal environment. 


  1. Find Meaning and Purpose: Connect the task to a larger purpose or goal. For instance, if you're organising your workspace, remind yourself of the clarity and productivity it will bring. By understanding the significance of the activity, you can find pleasure in the progress you're making towards your goals.


  1. Inject Creativity: Infuse creativity into mundane activities to make them more enjoyable. For example, if you're cooking, experiment with new flavours or presentation techniques. If you're cleaning, challenge yourself to find more efficient ways to organise or declutter. By adding an element of creativity, you can turn mundane tasks into opportunities for self-expression. I listened to a podcast once of someone who pretended she was on a game show when she made her bed every morning and she was competing against a Swedish housewife champion :) Some playfulness and creativity brings pleasure when done authentically and genuinely. 


Before I finish I want to address the misconception that pleasure is merely a distraction from pain. Pleasure, when approached with intention and mindfulness, is not an escape from reality, but rather a way to fully engage with it. It allows you to find joy in the present moment, even amidst challenges. By embracing pleasure, you can enhance your resilience, boost your mood, and improve your overall quality of life.


Remember, pleasure is not a luxury limited to grand experiences or special occasions; it can be found in the smallest moments of your daily routine and is an essential part of a well-rounded and vibrant life. Embrace the joy that comes from finding pleasure in the mundane, and watch as it transforms your entire existence.

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