The Interconnectedness of Health: Understanding the Whole Body Approach

Apr 03, 2024
connecting puzzle pieces

Interconnectedness is defined as the state of having different parts or things connected or related to each other, 


This is how your entire body operates. There is no separation from your physical body (from the smallest cell to the whole), your spirit, your mind, your emotions or your soul. 


Everything is connected and works together to thrive... or to fail. 


Each part of the system is integral to the whole system running optimally. 


Modern medicine wants to separate out different parts for specialists to fix. It is great that this person can study and gain experience in one facet of the body. The problem is your healing (and living) does not occur in distinct containers separate from all the other happenings and goings on. 


How many times have you been sent to different Dr’s and specialists because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, or they could fix one part but not the rest of the symptoms that cropped up as well? 


This is because to create health you must optimise the function of all the different systems in your body. 

True health cannot occur until each system has what it needs. 


When you empower yourself with the knowledge to optimise all areas of your life, you will have thriving health. 

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